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Sulfur anhydride sampler
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Sulfur anhydride sampler
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  • Customized as clients’ requirements. WH001X is based on EN15469 《Petroleum Products - Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Free Water Test (visual method)》required by the visualization of liquefied gas sampling requirements designing. This can be used for the determination of free water in liquefied petroleum gas and other samples need to be visualized operation of sampling occasions.

  • 1.Operating temperature: -40~60℃
    2.Working pressure: 4Mpa
    3.Sampler volume specification: 10L
    4.Material: 316L

  • 1 Working pressure up to 5000PSI (34.5MPa)
    2 Widely used temperature range: -54 to 315℃
    3 Terminal metric from 2 to 12mm, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 inch.
    4 Panel mounting
    5 For high pressure cylinders or sampling devices
    6 Material: 316SS, PTFE

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