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PTFE sampling bag
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PTFE sampling bag
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  • Adjustable flow, multiple seal airtight and easy to operate.
    Classification: Economy aluminum foil sampling bag, high-precision acid and alkali resistant sampling bag(teflon, tedlar).

  • Suitable for sampling carbon monoxide(CO), sulfur dioxide(SO2), hydrogen sulfide(H2S), benzene, radon and mercaptan, hydrocarbon gas and chlorinated solvents gas. Suitable for short-term storage of low concentration(PPM,PPB) corrosive gas and chemical reactive gas(pre saturated processing), also include collecting photosensitive compound and halogenated volatile organic compounds(VOC).
    It has good performance including chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, resistance to radiation: A layer of aluminum film can be caught outside the membrane material to avoid light and prevent the sample from degrading.

  • Suitable temperature range of teflon FEP sampling bag: -240℃~+200℃
    Suitable temperature range of teflon PVDF sampling bag: -20℃~+110℃
    Suitable temperature range of teflon sampling bag: -20℃~+110℃