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Q series washing machine
Q series washing machine
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  • Wheatstone Q series washing machine control high pressure multi direction dynamic spray water flow temperature、pressure、washing time and times by computer. In the corresponding detergent/disinfectant effect, experimental equipment for cleaning utensils, items of internal and surface stains wash clean, and achieve disinfection effect accordingly, is widely used in various types of biological and chemical laboratory.

  • 1.Water direction: The three-dimensional dynamic variable omnidirectional continuous spray rinse labware / instrument inner and outer surfaces such as flask, burette, beaker, pipettes, tubes, jars etc.
    2.Rated external hydrostatic pressure: 0.04-1.00Mpa.
    3.Internal water pressure: 0.3-0.4Mpa.
    4.Automatic washing seven processes: Strength、standard、cheap、poaching、fast、ultrafast、prewashing.
    5.It can clean kind specifications of glass breaker、burette、measuring glass etc.
    6.It can clean kinds of stainless laboratory instruments.
    7.Priority mode: memory function and operate easily.
    8.Digital display: it can show different procedures of the flushing process, time, temperature, rinse end of the buzzer;
    9.Max power: ≤1760W;
    10.Drying method: residual heat drying;
    11.Automatic discharge: the unique structure of the double pump, stainless steel filters, the stain separation, automatic exclusion;
    12.Soft water function: the adsorption of calcium and magnesium ions, it can optimize water quality and eliminate the scale;
    13.Bright agent distributor: automatic release and automatic alarm;
    14.Applicable detergent: liquid and it can be automatically assigned as needed;
    15.Safety device: working status display, automatic fault diagnosis (prompt) emergency stop;
    16.Forming a rounded stainless steel liner: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.

  • WFY60 technical parameters
    Size(L*W*H): 590*595*850(mm);
    Volume: about 160L;
    Work noise: ≤50dB;
    Cleaning instrument / vessel type:
    1.With laboratory equipment washing basket: commonly used laboratory instruments such as scissors, tweezers, fixture etc..
    2.With laboratory ware washing basket: 20 cleaning tube / burette pipette and a variety of different specifications of the flask, beaker, flask glass etc.. More different purposes such as flasks, beakers, test tubes and other special cleaning burette or basket please consult the supplier.

    Important role:
    1.Reduce the labor intensity, reduce the labor intensity and reduce the incidence of occupational disease caused by manual cleaning process.
    2.Eliminate the work quality management problems in the process of manual cleaning and disinfection, ensure the cleaning quality and meet the requirements of laboratory (GMP) management standards.
    3.Through the 20 kinds of nozzle jet of variable reverse high pressure high temperature water flow, a full range of continuous washing, the effect is much better than manual or ultrasonic cleaning.
    4.Greatly reduce the high cost of hand washing process caused by the high damage rate, reduce the actual expenditure.
    5.According to the different laboratory equipped with the corresponding professional cleaning basket, can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biological and medical fields, greatly improve the efficiency of work.