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WFY60 Jaw crusher
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WFY60 Jaw crusher
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  • WFY60 type jaw crusher is durable and powerful. Crushed sample enter grinding chamber with no back splash of inlet funnel. The crushing process is carried out in the space of the wedge between the two crushing jaw arms, wherein one jaw arm is fixed and the other jaw is driven by an eccentric shaft. The crushed sample is extruded through the elliptical motion of the jaw arm and moves downward under the action of gravity.
    When the particle size of the sample is smaller than the open space of the lower jaw plate, it falls into a receiving groove which can be pulled out. The width of the jaw plate gap can be adjusted continuously and the width of the display mode ensures that you can get the best grinding effect with the gap width.
    Products used in cement slag, oxide ceramics, building materials, rock, alloy, silicon, slag, coke, coal, glass, mineral, ore, basalt, quartz, feldspar, ceramic, refractory clay and granite with grinding.

  • WFY60 type jaw crusher is suitable for the laboratory to provide fast coarse crushing and precomminution for the samples of medium hard, hard, brittle and hard ductile materials.
    The model has a various different materials of the jaw plate model. Excellent equipment performance and safety performance is your ideal choice for sample pretreatment in the laboratory and enterprise producing.
    ▪ Superior crushing performance
    ▪ Dust interface
    ▪ Various materials with non polluting crushing
    ▪ Jaw plate wear compensation with zero correction
    ▪ Jaw plate gap setting
    ▪ Anti splash feed funnel and quickly fixed
    ▪ Motor with fast braking performance and safety protection switch
    ▪ Easy cleaning and crushing cavity
    ▪ Continuously grinding

  • Application: coarse crushing application areas: Engineering / electronics, building materials, chemical / synthetic materials, geological and mineral / metallurgy, environmental / resource recycling, glass / ceramics
    Sample characteristics: medium hard, hard, brittle, hard toughness
    Crushing principle: pressure
    Maximum sample size: < 60 mm
    Final discharge size: minimum 0.4 mm continuous adjustable
    Jaw plate kit material: stainless steel (standard) manganese steel (optional)
    Jaw plate length and width: 237 x 60 mm
    Jaw plate clearance width adjustment: 0.2 - 15 mm
    Gap width display: digital display zero - Calibration: factory has been adjusted to zero. After the replacement of the jaw plate need to re adjust the zero. Zero debugging method see the other page.
    Lubrication free
    Security control: open the feed cap, the machine immediately stop running.
    Receiving tank drawer volume: 1400ml
    Drive: single phase motor
    Driving power: 0.75 kW
    Power data: 220V
    Body size (wide x high x depth): 640 x 660 x 740 mm
    Net weight: 110 kg
    Attachment: operating instructions and random tools
    Standard: CE