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WH0001C Gas explosion-proof sampler
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WH0001C Gas explosion-proof sampler
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  • WH0001C gas explosion-proof sampler is an improved product to WH0001 type. It is designed for explosive dangerous location of area 0, 1 and 2 to replace double hammer products.

  • 1.It can undertake gas sampling in area 0 gas environment.
    2.Antistatic housing material is safe and reliable.
    3.Suction nozzle filter and air inlet filter is easy to replace and clean.
    4.Controller has a battery and flow display function.
    5.Using explosion-proof battery which has the overcharge protection, short circuit protection and over discharge protection.
    6.Motor parallel three continuous flow irrigation.
    7.Using potting glue process and removable battery.
    8.Suitable to connect the patent WH0001B(C)-02 type sampling rod.

  • 防爆类型:本质安全型
    Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe
    Explosion-proof sign: EX ia IIC T4 Ga
    Protection class: IP65
    Net weight: ≤750g
    Dimension(L*H*W): 100*56*116mm
    Material: Antistatic ABS plastic
    Battery voltage: 7.4VDC
    Battery capacity: 200mAh
    Power: 1.5KW
    Air Volume: 4L/min
    Work environment: Environment temperature<60℃; Combustible gas concentration<25%
    Continuous working time: >5H

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