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Automatic grinding machine
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Automatic grinding machine
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  • Automatic grinding machine is designed for sheet copper sample which using for“liquefied petroleum gas copper corrosion test”.

  • The main purpose is to design the automatic grinding samples to replace the traditional cumbersome manual sample preparation, and can be more prepared for sample preparation and multi batch preparation to guarantee efficiency.

  • 1 Occupied space size is 645x240x378mm, full weight is 24KG. Compact structure can meet the demand for long time continuous operation.
    2 It can be loaded from maximum of three copper sheet one time to improve the efficiency of automatic clamping without manual operation.
    3 Grinding head is all gas suspension structure, depending on the gas pressure forming gas spring to ensure freely adapt to the sample.
    4 Polishing pad is flexible material, the surface roughness of the sample has a good ability to adapt.
    5 The abrasive is designed to be self peeling, to prevent the copper chip from blocking the grinding wheel which lead it don’t work.
    6 Mechanical power all come from compressed air, clean and environmental protection. There is no dust and serious noise when it working.

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