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Copper corrosion tester + oxygen bomb
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Copper corrosion tester + oxygen bomb
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  • WH0232 liquefied petroleum gas copper corrosion tester is accord with SH/T0232 standard test method. It is applicable to the determination of liquefied petroleum gas on copper corrosion degree.

  • 1.The device is consisted of digital display temperature control instrument, stirring motor, stainless bath slot, heating installation and test bomb...
    2.Instrument temperature control using digital display temperature controller, high precision, simple operation, easy to master, the output of solid state relay, no contact, no spark, no noise, stable performance, safe and reliable.
    3.Open the top display switch "ON/0", "mm/in" button to "mm" position ("in") set time for 5 seconds. Then open the following power switch (Note: turn on the power switch first time, relay operation pull time).
    4.Loosen the finger quickly press the "start" button, the falling rod and needle falling 5 seconds after the lock, press down on the rod and the above numerical display is 10 x cone penetration value.
    5.The use of time controller:
    (1) Connect to the power cord first, then turn on the power switch.
    (2) Select the timing button, for example 5 seconds, 8 seconds, 10 seconds, etc..
    (3) Indicator lights after set and then press the "start" button, relay, solenoid valve, needle drop. Solenoid valve is released and needle stop falling when reaching the "set time".If need repeat the test, press the "start" button again.
    6.Test procedures should be carried out according to the GB/T4985 standard.
    7.Press "OFF" to close the monitor after using, turn off the power switch and unplug the power plug.

  • 1.Power: 220V±10% 50HZ
    2.Power: 2000W
    3.Control temperature method: digital display temperature control instrument
    4.Control temperature range: room temperature ~ 90℃
    5.Control temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃
    6.Sensor: Pt100
    7.Bath slot: 2 hole
    8.Test bomb: 2 group
    9.Stirring motor: 1250rpm 15W
    10.Ambient temperature: 10~40℃ humidity≤85