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About Us
About Us

Our company has three brands of Tonghui Motor, Wheatstone Integrated and Wheatstone Oil Testing Instruments. Products cover high-speed rail, petrochemical, new energy vehicles and automation.

Wheatstone oil testing instruments are mainly used for various types of gas-liquid sampling of stainless steel cylinder, custom samplers and sealed sampler; connected with a variety of analytical instruments vaporizer, universal injector. Single-channel, multi-channel airbag automatic sampler connected with chromatography is for gas analysis. Various types of precision temperature control without fire and corrosion-resistant laboratory heater. Jaw crusher is for laboratory ceramics, coal, rock and other solid crushing, crushing can also be customized for the user. We also committed to the laboratory energy conservation, environmental protection, the development of a more energy-efficient high-temperature washing machine without sewage to provide customers with a variety of laboratory exhaust treatment program.

Our company has B1 (3) stainless steel seamless cylinder manufacturing license, the production of WH series stainless steel seamless cylinder as one spinning molding and valve reliability, has been widely acclaimed by customers.

We are young and vigorous R & D and manufacturing team, always listening to the voice of petrochemical front-line operators, to provide convenient and practical products for our customers. Your satisfaction is our relentless pursuit!

Company History:

2003.3.6-2013.2.25 Wuxi Tonghui Motor Co.,Ltd Main business: stepper motor and servo motor;
2013.2.26-2013.11.20 Jiangsu Wheatstone Motor Automation Co.,Ltd Main business: stepper motor, servo motor and brushless dc motor;
2011.1.19-till now Jiangsu Wheatstone Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd Main business: stepper motor, servo motor, brushless dc motor, oil analysis instruments and systems engineering manufacturing.